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Lighting & Hire 

Our Lighting services are tailored to help you achieve the desired effect for your event, stage show, conference or concert.   

We are a team of happy and enthusiastic people who have experience working with organisations and groups from all walks of life. We have aided, corporate businesses, charities, governmental organisation, music artists, media organisations, churches and many more. 

Lighting Design 

Lighting offers a cost-effective way to give your event an impactful and professional edge. This sets an atmosphere and creates the desired experience for your guests, audiences and delegates.

We can bring years of seasoned experience and expertise to create or facilitate varied Set designs to suit your occasions and budget.


Contact us​ and our team will be ready to help.

Lighting Hire

We Stock a wide range of Lighting equipment from Lighting rigs,   Lamps, Gels and DMX Desks, control units for Dimmer packs, Moving Heads, Profiles, HMI's, compact lasers and many more.

For more details, please Contact Us and our team will be happy to help.

Some of Our Equipment available for Hire 

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