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Do you have a unique talent to share with the world?

If so, You could win a prize of £1000 in cash!

Apply now for Open Mic Saturday and give yourself a chance to win the following:

1. A professional Music Video shoot by Icontowers Media Ltd

2. £1000 Cash

3. Exposure to our creative team.

4. And other prizes 


The Application Fee is £100


This non-refundable Application and Registration fee covers the Preproduction session:

Every participant will be given a studio session at Icontowers where we will capture an interview with you to get some insight into your motivation for participating in the Open Mic. This will give our viewers a bit of a background story.


 We will also do a photoshoot and a one on one session with a Creative Director to help

You prepare for your performance. This will cover your set design, theme, costuming, and Statesmanship.


Our goal is to help support you to perform well on stage.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your talent and connect with other creatives.

Register today because spaces are limited.

Email us for your Registration form:

Pay to Icontowers NatWest

A/C 68735588, sortcode: 600239

Ref. Open Mic

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